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Steps to become born again

1. Believe that Jesus Christ is exactly who He says He is, the eternal Son of God; that He took your sin and guilt upon Himself and was crucified upon the cross for you; that He was buried in the grave; and that He rose again from the dead on the third day.

2. Believe and accept the truth God says, that you are helplessly and habitually a sinner and you can do nothing to change yourself and your condition. You have broken God’s Ten Commandments and you deserve hell. Left to yourself, you will be self-centered, self-willed, and rebel against God and His Law.

3. Humbly ask God for His mercy and grace, then, authentically repent of your sins. That means you admit (confess) you are indeed a sinner; you see your sin the same way God sees your sin; it is defiling, evil, corrupt, wicked and destructive. Renounce your sinfulness and turn your heart from your sin and all its pleasure and turn to God with all your heart.

4. Humbly and passionately ask God to forgive your sin and to wash your heart from all defilement and guilt. Ask Jesus Christ to come live in your heart and to take charge of your life. Surrender to Him your will and your whole life; choosing to live for Him and to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

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