Managed IT Support services for businesses

Are you looking for a managed IT Support services for your businesses  to manage your IT infrastructures?  You have landed at the right place.

Netcat Technology Solutions is reknown for its affordable Managed IT Support services for businesses of all size ranging from small, or medium sized businesses to enterprises. As a leading Managed Service and IT support Provider in Lagos, Nigeria, we look beyond just delivering IT Support, we literally become your external IT Department.

We also offer training services for empowering and educating your team to leverage the latest technology and solutions provided. 

We can manage your IT projects, handle procurement of genuine equipment’s, software licenses and business software’s.

Make us your managed IT support partner and enjoy smooth IT operations whether you’re launching a new business or trying to stablize your business.

Managed Support




Managed Security & Network

includes network Monitoring and optimization.

Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management, Malware Monitoring and Management, Regular Vulnerability Scans and Reports. We make use of Enterprise Endpoint anti-virus security software. Scheduled Firewall configuration review and cyber security analysis.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup Deployment, Configuration & Testing. Performance Monitoring, Backup Software Updates, Scheduled Backup Jobs, Offsite Storage, Data Center Replication and Business Continuity Planning.

Managed Business Software

We will manage your software licenses and ensure that all your software patches and updates are regularly done.

managed IT support services


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Benefits of our managed IT support services

1. Cut Costs

Defintely you should have 2 or more In-house IT Team. But hiring an in-house IT team for each skill your business needs can become costly.

Huge IT Budgets can delay your IT projects and prevent you from buying new IT infrastructure equipment in order to pay for your in-house team. There are other associated expenses like Health, Insurance, accidents, retirement benefits, maternity and other costs.

2. Mitigate IT Issues

When IT problems arise, your IT have to drop everything to fix the problem. In some cases, everybody can’t continue working until the issue is fixed. When employees have to stop their duties, it can impact efficiency and your company’s ROI.

Instead of waiting for new problems to pop up, you can hire managed IT service providers to improve your current system to ensure you potential issues are prevented before they happen.

3. Win the Competition

You want to see your business succeed.

Learning how to get ahead of IT issues can put you ahead of the Competition too. While your competitors are suffering from IT issues, you can find new opportunities to grow as a business.

Are you trying to compete with larger corporations? Larger businesses have bigger IT budgets and in-house IT teams.

If you don’t have the budget to compete with big companies, that’s okay. Instead, you can work with managed IT service providers to remain competitive.

4. Access to Expert Advice

Your In-house IT might know how to fix a few minor IT problems. For bigger issues, however, they’ll need help.

Your IT can call our IT service management team as needed for expert advice. If they don’t know how to fix an issue, our managed IT team can help.

Your business will have access to our certified, and well trained team for all the help they need.

5. Remain Secure

Almost 50% of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Remember, these hackers are getting smarter, too. Hiring our well trained cybersecurity managed IT service team can help you remain secure.

If your business becomes the victim of a hack, your team can suffer for it. They’ll have to wait until your system is up-and-running before they can get back to work.

You might lose the trust of your customers, too. If your system is weak and vulnerable to attacks, your customers might not trust you with their information.

By strengthening your defenses with the latest technology, you can keep your employee and customer information secure.

6. Focus on Work (Not IT Issues)

Managed IT services will allow your team to focus on their work.

Once our IT service management team fixes the problem, your employees can get back to work.

Otherwise, delays in daily operations can impact productivity, efficiency, and your bottom line.

By hiring our managed IT service, your team can focus on work, not on IT issues. As a result, they can do the work you pay them for.

7. Stay Up-to-Date

Technology changes every single day. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest trends, Your customers will start to notice.

You’re busy enough trying to stay up-to-date with trends that are relevant to your business. By working with our IT support services team, you won’t have to stay up-to-date with IT trends, too.


Managed IT support


+234 809 148 7643

+234 803 707 6714

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