Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are security systems designed to detect and prevent unauthorized entry into a defined perimeter. These systems can use a variety of technologies such as sensors, cameras, and alarms to detect intrusions and alert security personnel or law enforcement.

PIDS can be used in conjunction with other security measures, such as CCTV cameras and guards, to provide a comprehensive security solution. PIDS can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as the crossing of an invisible barrier, the opening of a door or window, or the movement of an object within a certain distance of the perimeter. When an intrusion is detected, PIDS can alert security personnel and take other appropriate actions, such as activating alarms or locking doors.


PIDS is used to monitor & protect fences, warehouses, military bases, oil and gas facilities/ pipeline, residential and business buildings.

Perimeter defense system technology

Choose the right Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

perimeter protection

Microwave sensor & Active Infrared beam detector PIDS

Active Infrared (IR) beam detector and sensors

Perimeter intrusion detection system - infrared IR beam detector

These sensors require at least one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter shoots out an invisible beam of infrared light aimed at the receiver. If nothing is in the way, the receiver “sees” the beam. However, if a person walks through or stands between them, they interrupt the beam and trigger an alarm.

You need a clear and direct line of sight between the two components for this type of Perimeter Intrusion Detection System to function very well. These sensors are susceptible to false alarms from animals, heavy fog. (AIR) Active Infrared (IR) beam detector and sensors have a range of up to 200 meters.

  • The laser beams are not visible to the human eyes.
  • Breaking the beam activates the alarm.
  • It can be tailored to the level of security required.
  • Detects physical event that is violating the IR beam patterns.


Microwave Sensors

Microwave Sensors Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Microwave sensor is another type of Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) that makes use of electromagnetic radiation with shorter wavelengths than radio waves.

These waves use radiolocation, The emitter sends microwaves out, they bounce back off objects in the area, and they are then interpreted by a receiver. They can detect movement, direction and speed of the object via the Doppler effect.

Compared to Active (IR)infrared sensors, they’re more expensive and more prone to false alarms. But they’re capable of covering a larger area and are not susceptible to weather conditions.

Perimeter Detection System PERIDECT

peridect Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

PERIDECT+ perimeter security system detects the intruder directly at the border of the secured area. It ensures reduction of the risk of facility penetration by the intruder.

PERIDECT system offers a solution providing precise and effective perimeter security for medium and large facilities, such as industrial plants, airports and military bases. PERIDECT uses digital piezoelectric sensors for effective detection of mechanic vibrations resulting from the attempts to overcome the fencing (climbing, cutting, lifting). PERIDECT system is a fully autonomous system which allows for precise detection of intrusion locations on fencing panels (usually between 2 – 4 m)

Underground Perimeter protection

Underground Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Detects vibrations and movements

Human Movement Detection System

Human Movement Detection

MDS (movement detection system) detects any hidden person located in the interior or cargo area of the vehicle. MDS detects even low signals such as heartbeat.

MDS uses a simple, non-invasive measurement method. It is a passive detection that has no side effects for the human organism or nearby devices.

Burgular bomb security system - Repulsar-4

burgular bomb repulsar

Burglar bomb repulsar alarm security system is designed to scare away intruders by releasing a pepper spray gas from the burglar alarm security system.

The pepper spray gas is not toxic and it is made from grade 1 food substances. But the gas emitted is very offensive and the intruder can never withstand it when it is released and definitely runs away.

Burglar bomb repulsar can expel intruders, burglars, flash mobs, and rioters from any indoor space up to a few thousand square feet in size, and it can do this on command from your cell phone with four massive blasts of pepper spray whenever your security cameras show you the need to do so. In recent years this level of security has become essential for the protection of any facility housing valuable contents.


Burglar bomb repulsar can expel intruders, burglars, flash mobs, and rioters from any indoor space at a command from your cell phone


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