Fire alarm security systems

Fire alarm System is designed and installed to detect any unwanted event caused by fire or smoke. Choosing from all the available fire security systems can be a little difficult. You need to know how each systems work.

Netcat Technology can help. We’ve got over 15 years’ experience installing all types of fire detection systems and we understand that businesses and homes need a secured fire security system with good technical support and at competitive prices.

Choosing the right fire alarm control System

Fire Alarm System control panel

Conventional Fire security systems:

These fire detection systems divide your premises into zones. In the event of fire or perhaps if the control panel is triggered automatically by a smoke detector or manually by a ‘break glass’. The LED will light up on the control panel to identify the zone. But it won’t indicate the precise area.

Addressable Fire security systems:

Here, each individual device, such as a smoke or heat detector has its own unique electronic address. If one activates, the fire security system control panel tells you precisely where the problem is coming from.


Fire security system complete kit

Fire Alarm Systems kits
smoke detector

Smoke detector

Detects smoke and sends the signal to the control panel

break glass or manual trigger

Break glass (manual trigger)

This is used to manually trigger the control panel and sound the bell to warn people about fire outbreak

fire alarm control panel

Control panel

Signal is sent from the smoke detector to the Fire security system control panel. The control panel in turn triggers the alarm and the bell sounds warning.

Fire alarm bell sounder

bell sounder

The bell is a fundamental part of the fire security system. The Bell makes a sound to alert the building occupants of a possible fire outbreak.


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