Computer server is a combination of software and hardware that provides resources and services to clients in a client – server architecture environment. Servers usually have more processing powers, memory and storage.

Servers can be deployed as a single hardware or virtualized inside a host machine.




You can virtualize your storage, server, desktop, applications, network, and operating system.

Virtualization is used to create virtual resources such as servers, desktop, operating system, file, storage, or network.  The main objective of virtualization is to manage workloads, reduce the costs of hardware’s and software licenses.

With virtualization a single server hardware running any operating system can be setup to host one or more operating systems or “virtual machines” running on top of it. This is achieved by running virtualization software such as VMware or Microsoft’s Hypervisor.

Virtualization can rescue you from hardware failure because it is just a data file on the physical computer which can be copied or moved to another host easily.



Cost Savings

Disk images are used instead of expensive tape backups.

More Efficient Use of Resources

The ability to move Virtual Machines from one piece of hardware to another when hardware is faulty or needs to be upgraded.


No need to purchase a new server – simply add more RAM and hard drive space and more servers can be added to your base hardware.

Quicker Recovery Times

You just need new hardware and the backup to restore your entire system including operating systems, mail & documents.


Netcat Technology Solutions Nigeria CAN HELP YOU WITH VIRTUALIZATION!

  • Environment Analysis
    We audit your current servers & hardware to understand your exact requirements and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Physical to Virtual machine Conversion
    We convert all your physical servers to virtual machines.
  • Backup Implementation
    We setup a reliable schedule for the daily backups of your new virtual machines.
  • Monitoring & Reporting
    Your main physical server and virtual machines are monitored daily and backups are tested to ensure their integrity.

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