Cloud Hosted PBX & Call Center

Cloud hosted PBX & Call Center is a voice communication platform which is delivered as a hosted service. This is an ideal solution for company who needs to setup their call center or PBX instantly and efficiently.

We can take away your burden of having expensive on premises Call Center or PBX Phone system.

cloud hosted pbx solution
cloud hosted pbx

Hosted PBX vs On-premise PBX

Installation and maintenance

On-Premise PBX:

your team is in charge of procuring, installing and maintaining the hardware and software used to provide the service. Everything related to the service, from cabling to call and session management, from voice quality management to voicemail and dialing features, are all your choice, and your responsibility.

Self hosted cloud PBX model:

The cloud PBX can be safely hosted in the cloud. The cloud PBX can be easily upgraded and replaced like any other cloud software. Your team will will be able to focus on critical business operations instead of managing on-premise PBX servers.

We provide hosted PBX, and all you have to do is indicate which features you want enabled. Other than that, all hardware and software upgrades, all maintenance activities, and all support requests are handled by us.

Hosted PBX is much more scalable than on-premise hosted PBX solutions, both in terms of capacity and time to implement.

Agility and flexibility:

Implementing changes and incorporating new features can be tricky, time-consuming, and error-prone with on-premise hosted PBX.

While hosted cloud PBX is flexible with hardware and you have the flexibility of choosing a range of available and widely supported softwares or operating systems.

Hosted PBX is much quicker to install because we have capabilities that can be turned on (instantly) when needed.

But on-premise hosted PBX shortcoming is the lack of flexibility in configuration and specific features that your organization may need as it grows.


On-Premises based PBX has capital expenditures (CAPEX) in procuring the hardware and software up front, along with your staff’s time to build the system, or in hiring a third party to do it.

The hosted PBX comes with only installation costs, the real costs come in the operating expenditures (OPEX) that you pay as monthly fees. This eliminates the CAPEX expenditure on hardware.

Remote Work:

Nowadays people require to work remotely. We have the solution to keep you connected with your office from anywhere. It’s a little complicated if you have an on premises PBX hardware System.


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