Automated access control

door Keylock access control

Our access control security system is designed to authorize or prevent access to a building, or a specific part of the building. Access security ensures that only people who are authorized to enter can do so. This means you’re protected from intruders.

Some applications of access security systems

  • Hotel room door Locks access security system

  • Parking lot access security system

  • Elevator access security system

  • Perimeter access security system


Choose the right Access Control System for your needs

Keypad Access security system

Keypad Entry

A keypad unit requires the user to input the correct PIN or passcode to activate doors and gain entry.

Keypad Access security system

Card Readers

A card reader is an ideal contactless method of activating access points, internally or externally. These technology reads a chip inside the card before granting access to secure areas.

Biometric Access security system

Biometric Scanners

For securing access to very sensitive areas. Installation of a biometric reader will only grant access to authorised personnel by scanning a fingerprint or by facial recognition.

Automatic barrier access control security system

Protect your home or office with automatic barrier access control solution. It comes with remote control that can open the barrier at the push of a button.

Designed for use in residential & commercial applications, these barriers have the ultimate flexibility to suit your needs.

Automatic barrier systems are excellent for controlling traffic.

automated barrier access control

Automatic barrier access security system

automatic sliding gate

Automatic sliding gate access security system


Automatic sliding doors provides responsive opening and closing of the door at the right time and its controlled by a sensor making them ideal for busy areas such as entrances to airports, hotels, and etc.

The sensor detects when a human is close to the door and automatically opens and closes the door after the human passes the sliding door.

automatic sliding door

Automatic Sliding door access control


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