Microsoft Teams direct routing & Hosted PBX

We provide you Microsoft Teams direct routing integration without loss of functionality or service quality.

Microsoft Teams direct routing helps you to connect your Microsoft Teams with a third-party calling plan that is cheaper than Microsoft calling plans. Make and receive calls to or from PSTN /GSM / Fixed lines.

Our Microsoft Teams direct routing enables our subscribers to manage their internal voice call features while using Direct Routing to connect to a third-party telephony carrier.

This is what we call BYOC, Bring Your Own Carrier.

This is a solution designed to enable you to continue using your current business voice applications like “Microsoft Teams” and leverage on our global SIP Trunk service at lower costs, increase control of your call traffic, expand global coverage, and ensure uninterrupted VoIP quality.

Microsoft Teams Direct routing

Microsoft Teams Direct routing - Pricing

You can choose DID number from any country of your choice and get Local inbound / outbound voice termination.

Improve call routing & lower costs on the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Calling Plans. Make local calls in the USA, Canada, India, Australia, Germany and any country of your choice.

Microsoft Teams Direct routing

Benefits of Direct Routing on MS Teams with Netcat SIP Trunk

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