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A Digital marketing agency can get you more traffic to your website through Social Media Marketing, Online Paid Advertisement, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and etc. We will enhance your business and increase your brand visibility globally.

Your business needs to be known by people and with the help of digital marketing the visibility of your business will be known all over the world. It may be difficult to make sales at the start but developing the reputation of your business over time will make your business successful.

digital marketing


Traditional marketing is the old way of doing marketing. Examples are flyers, print ads, email, events, radio, TV adverts, moving from pillar to post to meet clients face to face and etc. It is classified as any type of marketing that doesn’t involve the internet.

Traditional marketing is usually very costly. As a digital marketing agency, we have discovered that printing out flyers or doing commercials on the radio or TV can be very costly. Secondly, you won’t know whether your target audience is throwing away your flyers or if they are even listening or watching your commercial the time it is played on radio or aired on TV.



Is traditional marketing better than digital marketing? Some of our clients have being asking us this question and we always tell them that both are good.

They both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Before you choose one for your campaign or promotion, you need to determine which one will give you the best Return On Investment (ROI) and that can communicate your message more efficiently to your target audiences. You will also consider your campaign budget as doing both can be very costly, sometimes you might only be able to choose one method.

With traditional marketing you cannot know if your campaign worked since data or metrics cannot be obtained through traditional marketing.

You won’t be able to know if the campaign was successful. It is difficult to measure how many people interacted with your campaign and how many took action after seeing your campaign.

Digital marketing gives you all the tools to target,  retarget, optimize, and measure the results of your campaign efforts.



You can easily reach a global audience. You can effectively promote your campaign or message on a global scale. If your digital marketing strategy is done correctly, you can easily be found online across the globe.  With digital marketing, you can target your campaign at a specific market segment. For example you can design your campaign to target men or women aged between 25-40 who like soy milk in Nigeria.

It allows you to interact with your target audience and get feedback’s from them. You can have a two-way communication with your customers which allows them to communicate back to your brand. This means you can interact and find out what they think about your brand.

You can easily get data or metrics from the campaign or promotion in order to determine whether your campaign was successful or not. This helps you to see which strategy worked in your campaign and also the one that did not work. This allows you to create a more effective campaign after knowing the strategy that works on your target audience. This data is always available for your review. Your digital marketing agency can always provide you this reports.

Netcat Technology Solutions is a digital marketing agency that can do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you while you focus on your core business of making money.

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