SIP Trunk Service Provider

We make sure that your SIP trunk service is reliable with quality local and international voice termination. You spent money to acquire new customers. We help you keep them by enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Netcat Technology PBX SIP Trunking is field-tested with almost every IP PBX vendor on the market; including 3CX, Yeastar, Shoretel, FreePBX, Mitel, Asterisk, Elastix, NEC, Panasonic, and many more.

We deliver the service, reliability and quality businesses demand at a price that makes sense.

SIP Trunk, DID number

licensed DID & Virtual numbers

Cut down your phone bills and improve customer experience. Your Licensed DID number will not be seen as a SPAM phone number.

DID numbers & Virtual numbers

Get any country DID number

We give your business a local presence with national, toll-free, and local virtual numbers using our SIP Trunk service .

DID number allows your company to make outbound calls and receive calls. Calls from external PSTN / GSM numbers will be directed to your DID number when its called.
Voice routing & voice termination

Low Latency SIP Gateway

Connect your PBX to our local SIP Trunk. Keep all RTP media and SIP signalling in-country. This VoIP design reduces latency and jitter in the voice. Quality voice termination is guaranteed.
SMS, WhatsApp & Shortcodes

Simple messages & WhatsApp API

Send and receive messages, preset buttons, or rich media messages by using our extensive SMS and WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp has about two billion users globally. WhatsApp messaging platform is a great tool for brand promotion, customer engagement, and/or service delivery.

SIP Trunking vs E1 / PRI Trunking

SIP trunking and E1 / PRI trunking are two different methods of connecting a business communications system to the PSTN. A PRI trunk sends data over a physical connection, with each PRI circuit supporting multiple voice channels (30 Channels). In contrast, a SIP trunk service uses the internet to create a virtual connection for communications.

Benefits of SIP Trunk service

  • Save on costs – Cut down on the number of trunk lines required to connect your business. You can also save cost on long-distance and overseas call costs by using DIDs with a SIP Trunk service.
  • Save on time – Route incoming calls directly to the agent instead of going through the IVR / Auto-attendant / digital receptionist / switchboard operator.
  • Improve customer experience – Keep customers happy with a direct line to their favorite agent.
  • Connect to the team – Easily connect to your remote workers through their dedicated extensions.
  • Work remotely

Microsoft Teams direct routing & Hosted PBX

Microsoft Teams direct routing helps you to connect your Microsoft Teams with a third-party calling plan that is cheaper than Microsoft calling plans. Make and receive calls to or from PSTN /GSM / Fixed lines

Route calls directly to Microsoft Teams powered agents with our fully redundant and highly scalable SIP Trunk.

Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

We provide you Microsoft Teams direct routing integration without loss of functionality or service quality.

This is a solution designed to enable you to continue using your current business voice applications like “Microsoft Teams” and leverage on our global SIP Trunk service at lower costs, increase control of your call traffic, expand global coverage, and ensure uninterrupted VoIP quality.

Microsoft Teams Direct routing

Why Choose Netcat Solutions as your SIP Trunk service provider

We are 3CX Silver Partner

We are certified 3CX partner in Nigeria.

We love the convenience and flexibility that 3CX phone system offers to businesses. Why stay with a traditional phone system that costs you more money and limits your ability to communicate when, where and how you like.

  • Free VoIP Consultations
  • 3CX Licenses
  • VoIP Support and maintenance
  • Hosting and installation
  • Hardwares e.g. IP Phones

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3CX Silver Partner


3CX phone system engineer & installer


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We also install and manage other modern phone systems such as:

*Panasonic PBX

*Grandstream UCM PBX



*Mitel PBX

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