As a business owner or a manager, you should always be on top of how your customer service team is performing. Keeping an eye on customer satisfaction is key to the success of your business! It is a fact that superior customer service improves customer retention.

Technology has provided us with various means of providing customer care services e.g. Knowledge base, Live Chat, Online Customer Support ticket or help desk, loyalty program and social media tools like Twitter.

We have a range of tools to enable you provide help, information and solutions to your customers. Customer fulfillment is all about interacting with customers in order to solve their problems by rendering help or providing more information about your products.

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We can integrate a live chat on your website or blog which works on all mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android. We have live chat solutions for all. You or your sales teams can use a mobile phone app to respond to customers who are live and chatting from your website.

It is verified that live chat support helps to improve customer relationship thereby retaining customers longer than the website without live chat customer support system.

Live chat is remarkably reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. An intuitive live chat software solutions allows you to track real time website visitors, get to know their interest and engage them with what they are interested in and thereby converting them to customers.

We know the importance of live chat and we are here to integrate it on your website. Get in touch with us now.

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Online customer support ticket or help desk provides a shared inbox for your customer support team as one of its features which enables your team to collaborate and resolve issues without getting in each other’s way. Every support request sent to your support email address by customers becomes a ticket in your help desk or online customer support ticket system.

You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your customer support team. And you don’t have to worry about multiple agents responding to the same ticket anymore because everyone on your team can see who is working on what ticket and its status.

Carry your help desk support system with you wherever you go through the mobile app on iPhone and Android. Reply to tickets, add notes and perform bulk actions on tickets even as you’re taking a walk down the street or waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant.

Request for help desk or online customer support ticket system today and we will set it up for you in no time.


A knowledge base is a centralized repository for information. It is a database of related information about your business and products. A knowledge base is used to keep information for customers to access in order to gain more insight about the company’s products.

Imagine this scenario: a customer discovers your business and has some very basic questions, but you don’t have a knowledge base, help content or live chat. Imagine the number of steps and the time they have to take if they are calling or emailing you. This process could take about 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds if you had a knowledge base solution.

why not provide a knowledge base for your customers today.

Obviously, you can create help content or knowledge base that customers can use to get answers to their questions without calling or emailing your office every time for every information they are looking for.

Let us do that for you.  

Knowledge Base

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Loyalty Program


Customer Lifetime Value is the net profit attributed to the overall relationship you will maintain with a customer. It measures how valuable the customer is to you now and the projected value of all your interactions with them in the future. A loyalty program can help you to maximize your profit margin from your Customers Lifetime Value.

For instance, a loyalty program can provide you with behavioral data of your customers’ buying habits.


It is a mistake to think that your only valuable customers are the ones spending money, in fact, some of your most valuable customers won’t be the ones spending money but generating it. These customers are what we refer to as brand advocates, and they are the ones referring your business to their friends, family and if they are on social media, their followers. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

If you have any questions about setting up one of these customer solutions, please contact us.

Customer loyalty program is a sure way of retaining your customers. Only 3% of new visitors that make a first purchase will return to buy again. This is an alarming statistic especially after you’ve spent so much acquiring them. So how can you change this? One way is through a loyalty program.

There are many benefits of a loyalty program:


Today it’s easy for smart shoppers to compare hundreds of prices of a product using the internet. If they are just thinking of the products you sell instead of your store and brand, then you will find yourself in a pricing race to the bottom where large stores like Amazon will always win.

Why not compete on a brand level using a loyalty program.


Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. This is a statistic that cannot be ignored. These figures are hugely significant, and highlight that retention is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing your profit margin.


The first step to this emotional connection and store loyalty is by showing your customers that you truly value them. We at Netcat Technology Solutions Nigeria believe that this can be achieved by building genuine relationships with your customers – your customers are unique so treat them this way.

The behavioral data of your customers buying habits can help you identify your customers so that you can be able to provide them unique services which will in turn make your customers feel valued

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