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How 3CX Omni-channel contact center Solution

How 3CX Omnichannel contact center Solution can help you manage customer support better.

Netcat 3CX omni-channel contact center

3CX omni-channel contact center platform includes Facebook, voice call, live chat, video conference, and CRM integrations in a single platform and not multiple platforms.

This provides multiple ways that customers can connect with the company.  Dealing with the relationship customers have with the brands they do business with can be tedious, particularly when the communications take place in traditional contact center that is not Omni-channel.

Customers are searching for a convenient way to communicate with companies. That is where 3CX Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution comes in. An effective Omni-channel contact center arrangement needs to stick to four key highlights.

They are:

  1. Key Digital Channels
  2. Platform Integration
  3. Unified Tracking
  4. Reporting.

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  1. Key Digital Channels –

Omni-channel platform open up the opportunities for organizations to associate with their customers’ on any preferred channels of communication that their customer is comfortable with. In this manner customer connections are not restricted to the channels your business is open to utilizing.


  1. Channel Integration –

As organizations open up their channels of correspondences, specialists need a device where they can see all interchanges progressively, without moving from one channel to another different channel to check for messages.

On 3CX Omni-channel contact center, this channels are integrated into a single platform, for example, answering to a voice call, live chat messages or synchronizing CRM contacts are done from a single unified dashboard.


  1. All-in-one unified Tracking –

Many customers will reach out through different channels. An Omni-channel contact center tracks customer’s messages across the channels, making it easy for your business to see all discussions with a given customers from a single dashboard.


  1. Analytics and reporting –

 A contact center incorporates call reporting and investigation for supervisors or managers to track agents KPI ensure companies objectives are realized, and track other key metrics across all channels.

  • 3CX Live Chat: the all-in-one contact center solution

These tools are user friendly for both the customer and the specialist helping the customer on the other end thereby reducing the stress on both the agent and the customer. With the Contact Center solution from 3CX, agents are more useful and gain better experiences to enhance the support rendered to customers which leads to better customer experience.

The 3CX free Live Chat integration helps agents to assign, respond to, and mark chat messages as ‘done’ to ensure customers are responded to as quickly as possible. Chat messages can be reassigned to other agents who may be better placed to answer a particular question and hence reducing the resolution time.

3CX live chat offers many different customization options including color themes, office hours, and multiple choices for customers to choose different departments to chat to. For example, a website visitor may need some sales support or technical support. Live chat covers it all!

  • Facebook & SMS

3CX Omni-channels Contact center have integrated calls, emails, and more recently, live chat. But customers can also reach your business with modern apps like Facebook messenger which allows agents to respond within the same live chat dashboard as normal live chat messages. Similarly, agents can respond to SMS from customer’s texting from a business phone number from within the same dashboard.

  • Phone, video & CRM integration

The 3CX phone system is an advanced phone communication system because it remains the backbone of communication for many businesses. It also provides video conferencing capabilities so that customer service agents can launch built-in web conferencing and video calls from the web or mobile apps. 3CX also allows integration with various CRM vendors including Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zoho, Hubspot, AmoCRM, Vtiger, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and many more.

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